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HCI project: UX generalist
July 2020 - Aug 2020
This project consists of designing and prototyping a technological solution to lessen Zoom fatigue while maximizing important interactions during remote learning.
I collaborated closely in a team of 5 students to design, develop and evaluate user driven prototypes. Demonstrated proficiency in theoretical methods for design & evaluation, requirements gathering, survey design, ethnography, and rapid prototyping.
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No More Zoom Fatigue!

As a group of 5 college students, we have experienced both in-person and online learning experiences. We all agree that the transition to online learning was very new to us and brought its own set of challenges apart from the normal academic stress; by the third semester of remote learning, we definitely felt the symptoms of fatigue and burn out from constantly facing these unforeseen challenges. Students have reported an increase in stress due to fewer breaks and being in a confined environment. This phenomenon is known as “zoom fatigue”. In this new dynamic, while some professors take time for new accommodations, many do not because of the effort it will take on top of the rigorous course material.


Project Blog!

Check out the project blog for more information!


What I Did!

Took on generalist UX responsibilities: user research, strategy, writing, design and front-end development.

Created user flows, visual assets (on Adobe Illustrator) and iterated through wireframes and prototypes (on Figma) with developer scope and feedback in mind.

Designed and developed a simple, unique user interface that prioritizes important student-professor interactions in classroom while reducing stress on being on camera by implementing MediaPipe API on a Flask-JavaScript stack application to identify and translate facial expression and body gesture to different sized emojis.

Designed a within-subject evaluation.