Climate change Technology project
OCT 2021 - Present
Climate change is coming; and although approximately 8 out of 10 the people now believe in climate change, only half that amount believe that climate change will be personally harmful and even fewer people take action to combat climate change. In hopes to convince people that the impacts of climate change is closer to them, this project aims to create an app that helps visualize the impact of climate change.


People think that climate change are consequences that we will face way in the future.
But that is simply not true!


Climate Change is Real!

How can we convince people that climate change is real and coming very soon?

Visual cue would probably capture the users attention and best represent how problematic climate change can be.

Letting users directly know what kinds of climate change they will be facing will help them understand the direct correlation.

Suggesting Action
After being shown and told about the fast-approaching climate change, the users will want to checkout more resources on climate change

The Solution

Using Technology to Help the Climate


augur is an app that helps visualize the impacts of climate change of your home based using ML library called styleClip and API created based on propublica data.


Low Fidelity & High Fidelity Prototypes



Although the how this app was going to be built was solidified, we were not sure whether building an app was the correct mode to reach our audience. Our audience was to motivate people who did not think climate change would personally affect them; would people who don’t believe in climate change really download an app that will obviously tell you about the detrimental effects of climate change?

Because we were designing a small function to help people realize that climate change will personally effect them, our solution changed from creating an app to finding a solution on the right mode.

This led us to some of the more popularly used channels in social media like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.

We are currently pivoting our project to a AR function on Snapchat!
Details soon to come!