Hi —
I’m currently an e5 scholar creating et.Terra, a new way to grow plants.
As an undergrad, I studied computer science @ University of Rochester.
story time!
In my first year of college, I stumbled into the world of computer science because I was slightly obsessed fascinated by seemingly magical smart gadgets.
Through college and even now, I am always learning so much about the endless computational and foundational work to create magical experiences. Personally, I like to dig deeper in how people interact with computers and what we can do as developers to make the interaction.
I love designing for a delightful experience through usability because I want to help the world see all the magic technologists continuously work hard to create.
I've been a UX intern at M&T Bank — where I learned about IDEO's Design Thinking and implemented them into 2 projects.
I was a front-end intern at The Walt Disney Animation Studio working on a production planning tool.
if you want to know more about me
People describe me as an ambitious ambivert with weird humor that thinks, cares, and does too much (sometimes)
I love food & I like to take photos & I like music!
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photos: @eyelenee